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Journey Of A Lifetime

Africa Travel Adventures For Woman

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Woman Adventure Travel Africa

Calling all adventurous Woman!

Are you looking for a break from your hectic life? Looking to reward to yourself? Looking for a challenge? Enjoy meeting other like-minded ladies through adventure? Or add a tick to your bucket list? Open your heart to Africa! Join our unique African travel safaris for woman where you will make memories that will stay with you forever. We encourage you to join us and experience the reward of challenging yourself and experiencing Africa’s diverse countries. Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana and Madagascar. Within these countries you will enjoy the privilege of experiencing Africa’s magnificent landscapes, people, cultures, wildlife and food.

You don’t have to be super fit or an adrenaline junkie. All you need is a sense of adventure, sense of humor and an open mind to experience something truly special. Our journeys always give you a chance to give back, through the wildlife and community programs we support, and all our partners are positively involved with their local communities. Our Africa travel adventures for woman are a perfect way to experience the best Africa has to offer- renew your spirits, challenge yourself, make new friends and have a blast. All in the company of our woman guides and fellow lady travelers.

Give your life a JOLT and join us and other fellow woman adventurers for a Journey Of A Life Time in Africa: Woman Adventure Travel Africa.

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Africa Travel Adventures For Woman


Climb To The Roof Of Africa - 19 340 Feet

Days: 10 - June 2018
Activity Level: 5/5
Price: From US$ 4100.00
Group size: min 4 people max 12

Northern Kenya

Camel Safari. Hike in Kenya with a Samburu camel train.

Days: 10 - June 2018
Activity Level: 3/5
Price: From US$ 5100.00
Group size: min 5 people max 12


Accompany the migration by walking safari.

Days: 10 - July 2018
Activity Level: 3/5
Price: From US$ 4900.00
Group size: min 3 people max 10


5 Day Gorilla Safari. ( or an optional safari extension- inquire for options)

Days: 5 - May 2018
Activity Level: 3/5
Price: from US$ 2800.00
Group size: min 3 people, group max 8

Kayak Zanzibar - Tanzania

12 Days Kayaking around Zanzibar

Days: 5 - October 2018
Activity Level: 3/5
Price: US$ 2000.00
Group size: min 3 people max 10


From female adventure travelers


JOLT could not be more aptly named for an all-female, adventure tour company! My gorilla tracking experience and time spent in Rwanda and Uganda was truly a Journey Of a Lifetime!

For me, visiting Rwanda, and my excursion to see mountain gorillas in their natural habitat was the realisation of a 30 year old dream come true.

Before my trip was even booked and confirmed I knew that the dream was safe in JOLT’s hands. Tonya’s efficiency, professionalism and organisation was clear from the very first e-mail I received. Tonya had thought of all logistics and planed for every contingency, to make the trip easy and convenient from inception to conclusion.

Our accommodation and meals, scheduled excursions, eco-tourism guides, transportation, border procedures, porters and trackers were all top notch, which was to be expected. What I didn’t expect was Tonya’s ability to go way above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that I, and the rest of the women in our group were happy, safe and absolutely pampered, from sun rise to sunset.

Tonya’s surprise picnics, gifts in our rooms, lovely wines at dinner and even a special present from her personally, for my 40th birthday, enriched this incredible adventure immensely.

Tonya is a talented photographer and was busy, the whole time, capturing our memories for us. This allowed us ladies to be present in some of the most moving moments of our lives. What a gift!

This incredible woman is a wealth of knowledge. Her insight into Africa, it’s wildlife, history and ecology is exciting and really impressive. Her experience as an adventurer is inspiring and instilled a comforting sense of trust and security for me, one of the less adventurous women, in our powerful group.

Above all this, Tonya is just loads of fun to be around! Her energy is infectious and her courage is incredibly uplifting! It’s been weeks since I’ve returned from my journey of a life time and I miss her dearly.

I’m not sure what’s next on my bucket list, or where my next adventure will take me, but I do know one thing with all certainty, I want JOLT to lead the way!

As I’ve said many times over since I’ve returned from East Africa, I went into that jungle one person, and came out of it another! JOLT has changed my life for the better, forever. Thank you Tonya, from the bottom of my heart – nakupenda!

Until we meet again, keep on tracking x

With Lots of Love



It has been a dream of mine to see the Gorillas and Tonya trip was par to none!! From the organization side, to the friendliness and efficiency of Tonya and all the guides, comfortable accommodation, wholesome and tasty food and great crew, JOLT exceeded my expectations! I loved that we were all women on the trip including our local Ugandan guide, we formed firm friendships and supported each other through out. I especially liked the attention to detail, the little gifts on the bed, surprise cheese and wine, and much more..(won't spoil for any one wanting to go) and was privileged to have had my daughter share this with me. Tonya is encouraging, motivating and her sense and intuition at handling situations is admirable!
I cried, laughed, rejoyced and felt absolutely unreal with encountering these incredible apes, and I have Tonya to thank for this! I will be joining many more of her trips in the near future and wish her all the very best of success!" Lara Berlot



Many years of my life have been dedicated to being a devoted wife and mother, and although I would not change any of this, now that my children have left home to persue their own lives as young adults, and my husbands career continues to grow from strength to strength, I began to wonder who I was as an individual. My whole life has been dedicated to being someone’s wife or mother, and in the process I seem to have lost touch with the essence of “me”. Owner/Guide, Tonya Meikle’s philosphy behind Journey Of a Lifetime Africa aims to challenge women to dig deep and do something for themselves that they wouldn’t ordinarily do, whilst enjoying an incredible experience, meeting new friends, building confidence and making memories that last a lifetime. Seeing the gorillas has always been a bucket-list item for both my husband and I, so when the opportunity arose for me to do this trip ‘alone’, I was in two minds. Thanks to Tonya’s infectious energy, excitement and encouragement, I took the leap of faith and for the first time in years, did something for ‘me’. WOW – what an absolutely incredible trip! JOLT Africa pays particular attention to detail, from comprehensive advice and assistance with travel arrangements, to comfortable accommodation facilities, safe transportation, delicious meals, beautiful gifts on our pillows each evening and a jam packed itinerary that still leaves time to relax, enjoy and reflect. The visit to the Rwandan Genocide Museum had a profound effect as I brooded over humanity; the hike into the mountains of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in search of the Mishaya mountain gorilla group was challenging, but not impossible, ultimately rewarding us with the most remarkable hour of my life, as we followed the gorilla group and marveled at their size but ever so gentle nature. Our final day’s activity involved a hike into the mountains with members of the Batwa tribe which was both informative and entertaining – a great way to finish off our Ugandan experience. We saw and did so much in our 5 day tour that I really felt as if I had been away for weeks. I have returned home with a new found sense of self and honestly feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I would highly recommend traveling with Tonya and JOLT Africa – as far as empowering, memorable experiences go, there really isn’t anything quite like it!